A Room With No View

Two one-act plays as part of Colours Fringe Festival

MISUNDERSTANDINGS AND ignorance about mental illness in Irish society, and the long term effects its has on its sufferers, is at the heart of A Room With No View, which returns to the Town Hall Theatre studio.

The production, part of the Colours Fringe Festival, runs from Wednesday July 1 to Saturday 4 at 8.30pm, features two one-act plays - Godhead and A Delicate Pysche - with an interweaving storyline. It will be staged by Wolf Meets World.

In Godhead, by Adrian Lavelle, 21-year-old Sascha suffers from severe manic depression. The walls of her hospital room are covered in art work dedicated to Mary Magdalene. Her case interests journalist Miranda Gates, who interviews her in an effort to find out how she came to be as she is, discovering in the process that Sascha is dangerous, sharp, witty, creative, vulnerable, and possessed of the idea she is the second coming of Mary Magdalene.

A Delicate Pysche by John O’Connor tells the story of Jay, who is haunted by voices and shadows he calls Cane and Aémon, believing them to be real people. Miranda also comes to interview him and finds Cain is actually a manifestation of Jay's own guilt while Aémon represents his wild side, but not only do they speak to Jay, both voices argue among themselves.

The cast is Sarah McGoohan, Aisling Holian, Eric Martyn, Robert Siberry, and Graham Feeley. Tickets are €10 through 091 - 569777 and www.tht.ie


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