When Harry Met Satan - Flirt FM to premier new radio drama

THE MOST unlikely place to meet Lucifer is in an Irish pub. Old Nick could be expected to show up at the crossroads, on a night of torment and temptation, or in the pits of Hell itself, but not down your local! Then again, alcohol is sometimes called 'the demon drink' - so maybe he is always lurking at the bottom of the pint glass.

However this is exactly what happens to aspiring stand-up comedian, Harry Wilson. Harry has recently given up studying law to concentrate on his career in comedy, but the Devil has other ideas and, after that encounter in the pub, takes Harry on a series of hilarious visits into his past and future to get him to reconsider his decision.

This is When Harry Met Satan, a new radio drama that will be premiered on Galway's student and alternative station Flirt FM 101.3 on Monday May 18 at 2pm. It is a light-hearted look at the decisions we must all make in our lives, and how our destinies can hang on seemingly simple choices. This is a life in 30 minutes, a comically demonic twist on It’s a Wonderful Life.

When Harry Met Satan was written and directed by Jason Gill and produced, recorded, and edited by Alan Meaney. The cast is DramSoc’s Peter Kenny and Oisin Robbins in the title roles. It was recorded at Flirt FM studios, NUI Galway, and is funded by the BAI’s Sound & Vision scheme.

For more information see www.flirtfm.ie


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