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Two more Citóg gigs for May including album launch

A Clockwork Orchestra.

A Clockwork Orchestra.

LEFT-FIELD, eclectic, eccentric, and marvellously creative Irish indie music is always the order of the day at the Citóg nights in the Róisín Dubh, and the nights remaining two shows for May will prove to be no exception.

The next gig takes place this Wednesday [May 13] and will be headlined by the Clockwork Orchestra, who have been described as "hovering somewhere between Ariel Pink’s creepo energy and Django Django’s stylish eccentricity". The orchestra, the recording project of Paul Mangan, have also been called "as mad as a box of frogs" by the BBC's Linda Serck. So expect to hear carousel organ melodies, Dr Seuss lyricism, chaotic guitar riffs, waltzes, and psychedelic synthpunk odysseys.

Zeros & Ones play a fuzz and distortion drenched amalgamation of grunge, hard rock, and shoegaze with some pop songs about cats thrown in for good measure. Support is from Galway rapper Crazed, who will perform songs like 'Spoil You Beure', 'Bog Na Slua', and 'Dance' till You Die'.

Captain A & The Commercial Monsters II

Citóg will host the launch of Dreams, the new album from Captain A & The Commercial Monsters [pictured above] on Wednesday May 20. Recorded over three years at various locations around Ireland with contributions from Mike Stevens (Groom ), The Henry Girls, Allen Blighe (Spook of 13th Lock ), Ewa Gigon, and Comrade Hat, Dreams fuses psychedelia, 70s rock, folk, big band, and brazen jamming, equally influenced by Prog, Leonard Cohen, Bill Withers and Big Tom.

The band is led by Eoghan Holland, who said Dreams is "just about love, going from dark times to bright times and revering the tiny things that get you there". He also noted that to recreate the sound of the record, he would need "a 27 piece band of mutli-instrumentalists", so in that regard, "what we do live is something else, it's about the room, the people on stage and the people around us, it has its own life and sound and I don't see a reason one and the other should try and be the same".

Support is from Yawning Chasm and singer-songwriter Keith McNamara.

Doors for both shows are 9pm. Admission is free. For more information see Facebook and Twitter.


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