Ó Clochartaigh surprised that route selection report to be withheld from public representatives

Senator Trevor Ó Clochartaigh, Sinn Féin General Election candidate for the Galway West-South Mayo constituency has expressed his surprise and disappointment at the news that the Route Selection Report will be withheld from Public Representatives and the public at large.

Ó Clochartaigh said that it is inconsistent with democracy and openness in the management of our cities that a select number of affected people are privy to such an important report a full four weeks before the general public and their public representatives.

“The selection of a route in the absence of a coherent transport development plan for the city is most unwise. As the projected cost is so vast (€750 million ) it is vital that it is not misspent in the way that €500 million was, putting unwanted water meters in the ground.

Sen Ó Clochartaigh urged Galway City Council to publish the Route Selection Report at the same time the landowners and homeowners are informed in order to ensure this money is spent in a way that will truly help the city and county resolve the real and chronic traffic and transport problems.


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