Car Buying Tips

In association with the Galway Advertiser’s classified website, Tony Burke of Tony Burke Motors gives some tips to those thinking of purchasing a new or used car.

Tony Burke says the most important thing people need to consider when buying a new/second-hand car is the residual value, i.e what the car will be worth in a few years time.

Another factor which needs to be considered is the vehicle’s reliability. He is advising customers to go with well known, established, brands which are tried and tested and have been proven time and time again. Customers are advised to do their research in advance of a purchase. Decide of what types of make and model you are interested in. See what is available, and ask others who may have similar cars about their experience.

Utilise the internet; The Galway Advertiser’s classified website is updated with new cars on a daily basis as is Tony Burke Motors website. Research your chosen brand.

Decide on a budget and investigate what is available in that price range. Buying a car is a significant investment, and can be a daunting experience for many, particularly those who do not know a lot about the motoring industry. Customers always have the option of asking a mechanic to accompany them to give a car a once-over if this will give further peace of mind about the purchase. If you do not know any qualified mechanic, there may be a friend available who is knowledgeable about cars.

Always ask to bring the car for a long test drive to ensure the vehicle is driving well.

The team at Tony Burke motors have between 10 and 20 years in the business meaning they are hugely knowledgeable about their product and are on hand to answer any questions which may arise. “Staff are trained by Toyota and Lexus and training continues on an annual basis. They are in a good position to give out advice as they know what they are talking about. Our team are also fully qualified financial advisors so they can advise on the best finance options. PCP is something which has become very popular this year. It has increased people’s options.”

All new cars sold at the garage come with a three year warranty while used cars can have a warranty of up to 10 months. Mr Burke says if something does go wrong there is good comeback and therefore some security. “I have heard horror stories of people meeting a person in a car park and handing over €10,000 for a car which turns out to be faulty. All used cars sold by the garage go through rogorous checks. I am obviously always going to recommend using a dealership. There is an element of risk attached to buying a car from somebody you do not know.”

Finally, regardless of whether you are buying a new or used car from a dealer or privately, the seller will always be looking to obtain the highest price and the buyer is seeking to get the vehicle for the lowest amount of money; negotiation skills are needed on both sides so do not be afraid to haggle.

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