An all day and night theatre experience

Galway Theatre Festival show to take place over 24 hours

John Rogers. Photo:- Seán T Ó Meallaigh

John Rogers. Photo:- Seán T Ó Meallaigh

A NEW theatre show, which takes place over the course of 24 hours, runs at the Nuns Island Theatre as part of the Galway Theatre Festival 2015.

Artist Scientist Priest, by Galway actor John Rogers, will run from 7pm on Saturday May 2 to 7pm on Sunday 3. Audience members can come and go as they please over the course of the day but John will remain performing in the space.

Fifty thousand years ago the human race was becoming the dominant life form on planet Earth. Back then the population was less than one million. Today that population is in excess of seven billion, but the problem is we are running out of space, resources, and time. So what will be our future? Will there be further conflict and injustice? Or can we learn to live in harmony and together venture forward to explore the solar system? These are the questions John will attempt to answer in this 24-hour long theatre experiment.

Admission is €12/10/8. For more information see and


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