HamsandwicH - new album and Róisín Dubh show

HamsandwicH. Photo:- Dara Munnis.

HamsandwicH. Photo:- Dara Munnis.

HAMSANDWICH RELEASE their third album, Stories From The Surface, on Friday April 17, and before that play the Róisín Dubh on Friday April 10 at 9pm.

The 10-track album, to be released through Route 109A Records, is the Kells band’s third, following the impressive debut, Carry The Meek (2008 ), and the breakthrough White Fox (2010 ). It contains the singles ‘Fandango’, ‘Apollo’, and ‘Illuminate’ , all of which indicated a slight change in direction for the band.

‘Illuminate’s folk-pop sound, accessible melodies, and brass accompaniment, was their most ‘commercial’ single to date, but there was enough in lead vocalist Niamh’s lilting melodies to keeps things just the right side of indie. The follow-up, ‘Apollo’, stayed more within the indie framework.

“We’ve fallen in love with song arrangements and discovered we have a strong knack for it,” band leader Podge McNamee has said of the band’s new sound. “The new songs sound bigger. We’ve become more conscious of layering. It allows us to sound different yet it’s completely us, and that’s difficult to achieve.”

Tickets are available at www.roisindubh.net, the Ticket Desk at OMG Zhivago, Shop Street, and The Róisín Dubh.


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