Stand-up comedy about the quality of our food

Tomi James.

Tomi James.

COMEDIAN TOMIE James used to eat whatever he wanted and laughed at people on diets. Then he was diagnosed with a food allergy.

The diagnoses sent James on a personal and comedic journey to find the cause of his allergy. It ended with him going completely organic and coming up with his show Super Organic Me. In the show, James argues that as the global economy shrinks so does the quality of ingredients in our food. He makes his case in this critically acclaimed show about diets, advertising, supermarkets, organic farming, and the food chain in The Ruby Room, The King’s Head, this Saturday and Sunday at 1pm.

Broadway Baby said: “James will make you consider and possibly even change the way you think about food. Passionate, interesting, and above all, very funny.” Doors are at 12.30pm. Tickets are €10 at the door.


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