The Women Among The Ice

THREE WOMEN leave their husbands in a scientific base in Alaska and huddled together re-account their final visions of what was once considered home.

This is the setting for Agustina Munoz’s The Women Among The Ice which will be performed by local theatre company Simulacra tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday in the Galway Arts Centre, Dominick Street.

Lisa (Bayleigh O’Flynn ), Lourdes (Naia Martinez ), and Clara (Yvette Picque ) reflect upon their isolation, and through their memories they begin to unravel and re-imagine the peculiarities of each other’s lives and come to understand the role memory plays in forming identity.

Directed by Marciana Negrea, the play will be staged across two floors of the Galway Arts Centre. Tickets are €10/8 through 091 - 565886 or [email protected].



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