Weight Watchers — because it works

With springtime comes change. It is not just about the flowers blooming in your garden or spring cleaning your house, this is also the time of year many people focus on shedding winter weight and getting ready for the summer by slimming down.

If you are on a mission to lose weight by summertime then join your nearest Weight Watchers meeting.

Lose weight with the world’s leading weight loss plan

Weight Watchers is not a short term diet, weight loss fad, or quick fix. It is about embracing a healthier, positive, lifestyle for good. On this weight loss plan you will learn easy tips and tricks to make weight loss fit around your life. Weight Watchers will provide you with the tools you need to lose weight and keep it off including information, meal plans, support, and healthy recipes.

With more than 50 years of experience and proven success, Weight Watchers is the world’s leading weight loss programme. Get started with the Simple Start Plan, an easy way to kickstart your weight loss. Just pick your foods from an easy-to-remember list, with no counting and no set portions.

Simple Start is just the beginning — once you have a taste for the filling and healthy foods at the heart of the ProPoints system, you can start flexing the plan around your needs.

Stop dieting — learn how to eat

Weight Watchers does not believe in deprivation — enjoying good food is one of life’s pleasures. This food philosophy is based on ‘everything in moderation’ as that is the key to sticking with a realistic weight loss programme. You do not have to give up carbs, dairy, sugar, or fat on the ProPoints plan. Instead you will learn how healthy eating incorporates all the food groups. You can still lose weight and enjoy a slice of birthday cake, social get togethers, and a cheeky drink or two.

Get weight loss support at group meetings

Get guidance from a leader who has lost weight with Weight Watchers, and encouragement from members just like you, while you discover weight loss strategies in a fun, interactive, and informative weekly Weight Watchers meeting.

To find out more contact Weight Watchers at 1850 234 123.


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