Management CPC course can help save €15,000 through Diesel Rebate Scheme

Galway transport training company Burke CPC has advised local companies with their own truck fleets to consider completing the management CPC course. This will enable these businesses to avail of the recently introduced Diesel Rebate Scheme, which provides refunds to companies who have used diesel with qualifying vehicles in the course of their business.

Chris Burke, who has more than 25 years’ experience in providing the management CPC course, said: “This is a unique opportunity for those companies in Galway who had no need in the past to have a commercial haulier’s licence. They have an opportunity to attain a qualification as a transport manager, which is recognised across the European Union, but more importantly for them, the opportunity to avail of the recently introduced Diesel Rebate Scheme with the Revenue authorities, which provides much needed relief to the transport industry in light of the rising fuel prices.

“We have been working with businesses with trucks on the road as part of distributing their own products,” Mr Burke continued. “Many of them have had no awareness that they too could qualify for this scheme. For instance, an owner of his own truck fleet was spending over €5,000 per month on diesel and could have been availing of refunds totalling nearly €3,000 per annum or €15,000 over five years.

“We are starting our next management CPC course on March 22, which runs until the start of June. We already have had substantial interest and there are a few places left on the course. People are interested in attaining the qualification to become a transport manager, but also to help their business operate better. We also have had strong demand from those owner-managed businesses looking to apply for the haulier’s licence, for which the management CPC is one of the main pre-requisites.”

Burke CPC continues to run weekly driver CPC courses at its venue in the Clybaun Hotel, and is running all driver CPC modules over the next few months.

Transport managers or drivers who wish to book courses with Burke CPC can contact 086 8240361 or book online on


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