Doughiska Resource Centre to hold open day

ARD Family Resource Centre in Doughiska will hold an Open Day on Friday March 13 from 10am -1pm in the Cumasú Centre on Doughiska road. The Resource Centre has been open almost three years now and runs free courses and groups for the young and old in the area.

The centre runs a wide variety of courses and groups, most of which are free of charge. There are English classes for the multingual commuity, almost half of the Doughiska population are from outside Ireland. FETAC Certified courses such as healthcare, computers and communications are very popular and are run via the Education and Training Board.

The Women’s Circle welcomes women from all cultural backgrounds, and run’s sessions in international cookery, soap-making, glass painting, and is currently working on an art project, upcycling chairs. The Men’s Group have been busy with photography and more recently have been learning about electronics.

The ARD Centre works closely with other organisations, such as youth group, Foróige, which run youth cafés in the centre on Tuesday evenings for children aged between 10 and18 years. They also run’s smaller group sessons for teens.

ARD Intercultural Group ‘Connect’ organises festivals and cultural events throughout the year, such as the Intercultural festival in August and Culture Night in September. If you fancy getting out for a bit of exercise or meeting new people, join the walking group which meets on a weekly basis.

There is also the singing group and salsa, Zumba and yoga sessions in the evenings.

Events such as ‘Doughiska’s Got Talent’, a talent show for children, National Playday and Bike Week events have also been organised in patnership with Foróige and will take place again this summer.

ARD and the Doughiska Community Games plan to hold an open sports day to register children for Athletics events in early May.

Go to the Open Day on Friday March 13 to find out more about what is happening in the ARD Family Resource Centre and to see how you can get involved. There will be free taster sessions with nail beauty, hand massage, and a salsa workshop to get the hips moving Also music and songs will be provided on the day with Darren, resident guitar teacher. All are welcome to this Event The Cumasú Centre is located in the old hotel, which is just opposite Lidl supermaket in Doughiska.



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