Recession or progression? – Blueprint Coaching creates ten-week course

Blueprint Coaching have created a 10-week course to help people to stay positive and focused in the current economic climate. With the rise in unemployment, and all the doom and gloom it is important to keep some perspective and not to allow all the negativity around distract from your goals and targets.

Blueprint Coaching and Training provides a range of products and services to improve business development in the area of sales performance training, goal achieving, team building and mind power. All of which are vital to the continued success for any company or organisation. ‘Our aim is to provide our services in a format that will best facilitate your needs on the day. We provide our services to both groups and individuals including full and half day programmes,’ says Blueprint’s Evelyn Cormican.

While it is important to be practical and make cutbacks where necessary, it is equally important to be conscious that there are still plenty of opportunities for success in the market place and success is all about keeping a positive attitude.

If you can understand and continue to have a positive attitude you can focus on possibility rather that lack and scarcity and that can be the difference between success and failure. It is well documented that during past recessions many new and existing businesses have been very successful.

It is important to keep a positive attitude and be creative in our thinking. Here are six key points to help you stay positive…

1.The starting point of all achievement is decision, decide what do you really want to achieve in your business and life. – Create that vision

2. Focus your will on what you want, not what you don’t want. Avoid being influenced by other people’s opinions and stay focused on your own goals and targets.

3. Use your imagination for brainstorming new ideas for generating additional income streams and dealing with the current economic crises. Keep an open mind for new opportunities and ideas. You are getting new ideas every day. Having an idea is often compared to having a wet fish in your hand if you don’t hold on tightly to it and write it down, it will slip away and be gone forever.

4. Change your perspective, everything has an opposite for every up there must be a down, for to have an inside there must be an outside, for every difficulty there is opportunity. Change your perspective on the current economic climate, instead of looking at the current times as difficult times, consider them to be character building times.

5. Get better - get out of your head and into your greatness, you have more potential than you are aware of. If you can begin to become aware of that potential then you tap in to and develop more of it.

6. Create a vision and take action. Vision without action is a daydream, action without vision is a nightmare!

For more information on the next 10 week evening programme commencing on Tuesday Feb 3, contact Evelyn on 087 6083846 to reserve your place or email [email protected] .



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