Successful year of auctions proves that O’Donnellan & Joyce is the market leader

O’Donnellan & Joyce auctioneers has become the leading Irish owned auctioneering company for the sale of property by public auction in the country. Over a period of a few years the company has recorded what is believed to be the highest percentage success rate of any auctioneering company in the country in recent years.

According to Colm O’Donnellan of O’Donnellan & Joyce the reason for the company’s success is that it has organised an auction team which is totally focused on the auctions and who co-ordinate both residential and commercial auctions. “We feel that in order to successfully obtain good results one must be totally focused on one area, and this is what our auction team do,” he said.

The properties for auction are extensively marketed for a four week period prior to the auction using the services of a number of professional marketing companies. O’Donnellan & Joyce advertises its auction properties extensively in all the local papers, and also gets a huge amount of exposure on local radio. Each auction property is advertised for a lead up period of four weeks and open viewings are the preferred method used by the company. Open viewings are carried out twice a week, one midweek day and always on a Saturday or Sunday, the company feels that this gives people ample time to research and visit the property as the duration of open viewings is one hour so this means that people can stay in the property they are interested in for a full hour twice a week for the duration of the marketing campaign. In addition, if a client wants a private viewing that will also be arranged to facilitate the interested party at a convenient time.

This method of extensively marketing and opening the properties for the convenience of interested parties is one of the main reasons O’Donnellan & Joyce believes it is a market leader in auction properties throughout the country. “We facilitate the buyers and interested parties seven days a week,” said Colm O’Donnellan. “In these busy times we live in, it is not always that allocated times are suitable to everyone so flexibility is very much part of our thinking.”

O’Donnellan & Joyce holds all its auctions in the Harbour Hotel in Galway.

On the day of the auction the team like to create a relaxed atmosphere with the provision of refreshments prior to the start of the auction. All the properties are on large display screens, which means the auctions are live throughout the hotel, so no matter where viewers are in the hotel they know what is going on in the auction room. And because all auctions are now live on the internet, they can be viewed all over the world.

“We have people as far away as Dubai and Australia viewing our auctions now,” said Tony Joyce of O’Donnellan & Joyce. “We now offer a phone bidding service which means that people can partake in the auction from anywhere. At one of our recent auctions we had people bidding by phone from Dubai while they watched it live on the internet in the comfort of their own home, this is certainly bringing O’Donnellan & Joyce auctions into many living rooms worldwide.”

One of the most important things now, and one of the main factors for the success of the auction, is that O’Donnellan & Joyce requests that the sellers be realistic in their reserve prices. This gives the opportunity for buyers to purchase at value and there is no doubt that if potential purchasers perceive something to be value for money they will be there. The auctions are carried out by auctioneer Colm O’Donnellan who has 30 years’ experience and has sold more properties by public auction than any other auctioneer in the west of Ireland, and who brings his own style and flair to each individual auction.

O’Donnellan & Joyce auctions have a signature style in which they have managed to create a wonderful balance between entertainment and the serious business of selling in a relaxed atmosphere, which is important as it makes the buying and selling at auction successful.

All in all it is a very reliable method of selling because once the contract is signed and the deposit is paid the property is sold – this is wonderful for the sellers who can go forward in the knowledge that the property is sold, leaving them free to fasten their own particular plans.

O’Donnellan & Joyce auctioneers has become a household name in Galway and indeed throughout the west of Ireland, and is now synonymous with auctions throughout the country and regarded as a leader in the art of conducting auctions.

The first auction of 2015 will be held on Friday March 6, and advertising for this auction will commence on Thursday February 12.

Anyone wishing to place a property for auction should contact O’Donnellan & Joyce auctioneers, Mary Street, Galway, on 091 564212.


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