Two exhibitions at Galway Arts Centre

A scene from Mel Brimfield’s Four Characters In Search Of A Performance.

A scene from Mel Brimfield’s Four Characters In Search Of A Performance.

work by British artist Mel Brimfield and the debut Irish show of Denmark’s Stine Marie Jacobsen both take place in the Galway Arts Centre.

Mel Brimfield’s Quantum Foam is a retrospective which is being held in various galleries throughout the Republic of Ireland. As part of that Galway Arts Centre will present the film Four Characters in Search of A Performance. It involves a series of four characters providing contradictory eyewitness accounts of a fictional live art event. The works seeks to question whether it is possible to locate a transient performance after its completion.

Direct Approach by Stine Marie Jacobsen is an innovative art project made up of short films, movie posters, and interviews with a diverse range of individuals about violence on film and in reality. The participants in Direct Approach reflect on the violence they have seen in films and how this violence mirrors society today.

Jacobsen has also published a guidebook on Direct Approach for schools and other groups which wish to have discussions on violence in film and society. Copies are on sale in Galway Arts Centre during the exhibition.

Both exhibitions officially open at 6pm tomorrow. Both artists will give talks on their work on Saturday - Brimfield at 12 noon and Jacobsen at 2pm. See


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