Snapshots of Galway in another time

New book collects Galway postcards 1890 - 1930

GALWAY CITY: Snapshots Through Time is a new book telling the history of the city through postcards of the area produced between 1890 and 1930.

The postcards range in type from those produced for tourist and promotional purposes to those produced for less sentimental purposes that capture the true-to-life scenes, covering such fields as engineering, architecture, infrastructure, industry, and education. The postcards were drawn mainly from the work of Galway photographers of the period.

Galway City is written and compiled by Paul Duffy, an engineer who has lived and worked in Galway for the past 38 years. He has lectured and published extensively on various aspects of Galway’s heritage and history. He has been a regular contributor to radio and television broadcasts on Irish heritage. Paul’s postcard collection began by accident in the late 1960s and has steadily grown ever since. At present there are more than 3,500 postcards in his collection.

Galway City: Snapshots Through Time is published by Currach Press and costs €19.99.


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