Council warn of potential flooding in city


The Galway City Council has issuing an advisory regarding potential flooding around the city this week.

There is a particular risk today, tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday at high tide. The critical times are today 16.21 (5.4m ); tomorrow at 4.46am (5.5m ), 17.05 (5.4m ); Saturday 5.27am (5.5m ), 17.48 (5.3m ); and Sunday at 6.09am (5.4m ).

Areas most likely to be affected are along the Promenade, Salthill; Grattan Road, and at the Fishmarket, Spanish Arch. The public is advised to have regard for their safety in these areas, particularly at high tide. The Galway City Council will have staff on standby to deal with issues as they arise.



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