Long awaited public toilets to be constructed at Cathedral

New public toilets are to be built at Galway Cathedral and the development will be completed by the end of the year.

That is according to Galway city council director of services Tom Connell who was responding to councillors’ concerns at this week’s city council meeting. Mr Connell said the facility would be located adjacent to the cathedral where planning permission was previously granted. The issue had been raised by Councillor Padraig Conneely who described it as ‘’an old chestnut’’ of his.

Councillor Conneely said it was not good enough that there was no public toilet in an area that was being used by hundreds of people on a daily basis.

Labour councillor Billy Cameron also added to the debate saying it was well time that this issue was acted upon, and he outlined that a man he knew had informed him there were up to 40 people queuing for the toilet inside the cathedral a few weeks ago. Councillor Cameron said the public toilets would not alone facilitate tourists visiting the cathedral but they would also be welcomed by the parish council who were anxious that progress was being made on this issue as the cathedral toilet was now liable for water charges.


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