Councillor disgusted that life-saving buoys are being thrown away

Between two and three life-saving ring buoys are being lost to Galway City Council on weekly basis due to the actions of thoughtless members of the public.

At Monday’s meeting of the city council, Councillor Padraig Conneely lashed out at those who are throwing these ring buoys into the Corrib and canals around the city. ‘’It is an irresponsible and cowardly act. People are walking along the canals particularly around Henry Street and Dominick Street, some are intoxicated, others are just doing it out of bad behaviour, but they are throwing these buoys into the water and it’s an absolutely terrible thing to do,’’ said Councillor Conneely.

The Fine Gael representative says the cost of replacing these devices is substantial.’’This is unwanted thuggish behaviour and the city council is having to replace the buoys on a weekly basis. People should really think before they act, it has been proven that ring buoys save lives. I hope these individuals who are throwing away valuable life-saving devices never get into difficulty in the water and have a need for them themselves.’’

Also speaking at the meeting, director of services for environment and recreation Tom Connell agreed that this practice was happening on a regular basis and he said it was ‘’terrible’’ that people would do such a thing


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