Dearth of bins in the city a source of annoyance to councillors

The lack of public bins in the city has led to one frustrated councillor admitting that she would flout the law in relation to dog fouling. Independent councillor Catherine Connolly outlined to the chamber how there is not one bin on the walkway between Nimmo’s pier and Grattan Road. ‘’People are expected to carry their dog’s poo all along this route, it is simply too much, it’s dangerous and disgusting, I would not do it,’’ she admitted. Director of services Tom Connell outlined how all bins in the city are now owned by the council. He acknowledged the importance of bins and said the situation was constantly being monitored by the local authority’s litter management unit. ‘’The litter management crew are doing a fantastic job in what is an ever challenging area.’’ Mr Connell said that bins were being replaced but it was a gradual process due to financial costraints. Fine Gael councillor Peter Keane was also irritated about the bin issue. ‘’With Galway being a premmier tourist destination, bins are so important, I am disapointed but not surprised that there is no money available for bins at the moment. As far as I can see there are none at all in the Blackrock area. We simply have to ringfence money for bins,’’ said Councillor Keane. Meanwhile, Councillor Ollie Crow was concerned about bins around Eyre Square and the general condition of the area. The Fianna Fail councillor believes that Eyre Square needs more attention and said the walkway in the middle of the square was in very poor condition. He said it was imperative that litter wardens be employed on Sundays in the run-up to Christmas ‘’They are vitalto have the city running on an effective basis.’’ Tom Connell admitted that Eyre Square needed more work and he said the council was currently assesing the issue.


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