Floods likely at Spanish Arch and Promenade warns city council

The flooding in Galway earlier this year. Photo:- Hany Marzouk

The flooding in Galway earlier this year. Photo:- Hany Marzouk

The Salthill Promenade, Grattan Road, and the Spanish Arch are at risk of flooding throughout the week from a combination of high tides and high winds.

This morning the Galway City Council issued a warning to the public to have regard for its safety, particularly from high tide tomorrow, at just before 5pm, and continuing around twice a day until Friday at around 7pm.

The areas most likely to be affected are from Grattan Road, along the Promenade, and to Blackrock in Salthill. In particular, the car park at Toft Park beside the Atlantaquarium is liable to flood in the hours around high tide and motorists are advised not to leave cars there from before high tide on Tuesday evening. The council is putting a Variable Messaging Sign in place to advise motorists of the potential risk to parked cars.

The Fishmarket, Spanish Arch, is also at risk of flooding. As a result a safety barrier is being installed and sandbags will also be made available to protect properties in the area.

High tides for the coming days are:

Tuesday October 7: 4.43am (5.14 metres height ) and 4.57pm (5.43m )

Wednesday 8: 5.26am (5.38m ) and 5.41pm (5.60m )

Thursday 9: 6.07am (5.5m ) and 6.24pm (5.62m )

Friday 10: 6.49am (5.48m ) and 7.08pm (5.49m )


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