Margaretta D’Arcy calls on public to support Shannon protests

Galwegians are being called on to  join the peace demonstration at Shannon Airport on Sunday October 12 to mark the 13th anniversary of the US military presence there.

Veteran peace activist Margaretta D’Arcy, who has been imprisoned twice this year for opposing US military flights travelling to war via Shannon Airport, is calling on people to take a stand.

“Ireland is a criminal accessory to war! It is time to shout stop!” she said. “The never-ending war started with Afghanistan and over the past 13 years it has spiralled out of control. Today large swathes of the Middle East have been enveloped. One bloody war leads to another and so it will be with the latest battlefields in Syria and Iraq.”

Ms D’Arcy was also highly critical of the Government’s unquestioning attitude to the US military presence. “In Ireland’s parliament there is no discussion even though for 13 years consecutive Irish governments have consented to our participation in these conflicts,” she said.

Since 2001, almost 2.5 million troops and their weapons have passed through Shannon. Today, the airport continues to be used as a US military hub, with troop carriers landing most days of the week. Cargo planes licensed to bring munitions from the US land regularly – including the military hardware used by the Israeli defence forces.

The Galway Alliance Against War will be organising a bus to the peace event on Sunday October 12. Those interested in travelling should contact the group on 087 - 9159787 or [email protected].


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