Prefabricated homes are not the answer to housing crisis says Kitt

It is “incomprehensible” that “prefab buildings are being considered” as a response to the housing crisis, and “illustrative of the utter failure of Government to take the problem seriously”.

This is the view of Fianna Fáil spokesperson on housing, Michael Kitt, who is demanding clarification from the Government as to what measures it is taking to address the housing crisis. His comments come following Dublin City Council’s consideration to provide accommodation for families in prefabs.

The east Galway TD is calling on Environment Minister Alan Kelly ,to “immediately rule out prefab buildings as the answer”.

Dep Kitt is calling on the minister to establish ‘Part 5 teams’ to ensure that 20 per cent of all new housing developments are set aside for social housing. He also wants to see NAMA transfer units set-up in each local authority to identity and oversee their adaptation for social housing.


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