Listen to stream of new Eoin Dolan EP

First solo release from Followers Of Otis leader

PLACID OCEAN, the debut solo EP from Eoin Dolan, reveals a side to the Galway singer-songwriter indebted to surf pop and The Beach Boys, in contrast to the folk-pop/roots sound of his band The Followers Of Otis.

The origins of the EP, and this solo venture from Eoin, lie in the small recording studio the songwriter set up in his flat over the summer.

“It was mainly just to experiment with new sounds,” Eoin says, “but I quickly realised how easy it was to put down full length songs. That got me thinking about doing a solo record.”

The Followers Of Otis drew on The Beatles, country blues, and gospel for their inspiration, but Placid Ocean is different to Eoin’s work with that band, showcasing a highly personal, unorthodox, take on surf pop.

“I grew up in Renmore and always had a strong affinity with the sea,” he says. “This got me hooked on Dick Dale, The Honeys, and The Beach Boys. Most people associate surf music with happiness and good times but there’s a deep sadness and sense of isolation rarely captured in other genres of music. I find that aspect to the music really intriguing and it is something I’ve tried to capture on Placid Ocean.”

Placid Ocean is the first in what Eoin hopes will be a series of solo releases between now and the end of the year.

“I’m fortunate enough to be in a position where I can create music with some of my best friends - The Followers of Otis, The Black Sea Fleet,” he said. “This is just another avenue where I can express myself through music.”

Eoin Dolan, Me Auld Flower, and Corrosive Joseph play upstairs in the Róisín Dubh tomorrow [Thursday September 18] at 9pm. Admission is free. Placid Ocean can be downloaded for free from


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