City Hall investigation into houses allocation accusations continues

The internal investigation over allegations that a Galway City Council official improperly allocated a house to a fellow council staff member remains ongoing in City Hall

In May, the council confirmed to the Galway Advertiser that an investigation was taking place into allegations of improper allocation of dwellings involving two staff members, understood to be in the Galway City Council housing department. At the time, a statement from City Hall said “The investigation will be completed as soon as possible”.

However in reply to a further series of questions from the Advertiser, City Hall said the investigation is still ongoing.

“Galway City Council is deeply constrained from elaborating on any aspect of this matter while the enquiry continues,” a council spokesperson told this paper. “Among the constraints on the council is consideration of the rights of all parties involved in the issues under investigation. When the investigation is concluded, the chief executive will bring a full report to the council and into the public domain


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