Mindfulness: Will it solve all my problems?

There is currently a view that mindfulness is a cure-all, that it can deal with many different issues for many different types people.

Mindfulness is the ability to know what is happening while it is happening and to respond to what is happening rather that reacting in one’s usual conditioned way. An example is if someone is pushing your buttons and you react with anger, it appears that you have no other choice but to react in that way.

Through mindfulness training a person can enhance his or her ability to notice what is happening when their buttons are pushed, and this provides the option to respond to the situation rather than react with anger.

A recent review of research published in the journal of the American Psychological Association found evidence that mindfulness increases the ability to regulate emotions such as anxiety, low mood, and anger. In addition, this review noted that research identified many benefits of mindfulness. Many studies have found that mindfulness reduces stress, boosting working memory and increasing the ability to focus attention. Mindfulness also increases mental flexibility, particularly when dealing with stressful circumstances. Furthermore mindfulness in relationships has been found to increase the ability to respond to relationship stress, and to communicate emotions to your partner.

So while mindfulness may not conquer all, it is a skill that can bring major benefits to one’s life.

The next Mindfulness Based Living Course bgines on Tuesday September 23 in the Clayton Hotel at 7pm. Places are limited, so advance booking is essential.

An introduction to mindfulness evening is also being held on Tuesday September 16 at 7pm also in the Clayton Hotel.

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