Claddagh school celebrates different cultures in the classroom

The Claddagh national school will hold its annual international day celebration on Thursday February 12.

This year’s event, the culmination of the school’s One World Week celebrations, will showcase song, dance, drama, art and writing from the many different cultures at the school.

Information stands representing some of these cultures and lunch with an international flavour - prepared by parents from the school community - will be provided after the show.

Sean O’Lionaird, media liaison officer at the school, says traditional and modern Ireland co-exist uniquely at the school.

“While maintaining and celebrating the distinctive cultural traditions of the Claddagh village the school was one of the first in Galway city to welcome children and families from diverse backgrounds. Each September girls from first class dress in the traditional shawls of Claddagh women to lead the school band in celebrating the Oyster Festival. Now the school community with children and staff from over 40 different cultural backgrounds is taking the opportunity to celebrate traditions of a more international flavour.”



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