Think your way to success

With all the talk about uncertain times and recession, wouldn’t it be good to start considering possibility instead? Galway based life coach David Keane says that people need encouragement when times are tough — there is nothing like a good dose of old fashioned fear to freeze the entrepreneurial spirit in its tracks, and unfortunately there has been no shortage of that in recent times.

Over the centuries, all great thinkers, theologians, and business people agreed on one point — that we become what we think about. If you are having concerns about your current situation, you may ask yourself, what are your thoughts? What are you thinking about your business, your possibilities, your future, your family, your relationships?

David Keane is a qualified life coach and mediator and he also trained as a LifeSuccess consultant with Bob Proctor, a very well known coach and motivational speaker, best known on this side of the Atlantic for his appearance in the top selling DVD The Secret.

Using Bob Proctor’s materials, David has been running LifeSuccess Coaching Groups.

This is an exciting group–based coaching and book study for business owners and professionals, in fact anyone who is serious about taking the results they are achieving in their lives to another level. The 10-week course offers people an opportunity to mastermind with others in a positive environment. It also includes individual coaching.

The book study is based on the timeless classic Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, which Bob Proctor uses as a basis for much of his teaching and courses.

Proctor carries this book with him into every seminar he conducts and still reads the book a couple of times every year.

Napoleon Hill, famed author of Think and Grow Rich, studied 500 of the most successful people over a 20-year period. What he discovered was that there were 16 characteristics common to them all. These are the principles which the group studies, and which are as relevant now as they were 75 years ago. In addition to the book study there is further coaching on Bob Proctor’s materials.

Much of the LifeSuccess coaching materials focus on the fact that we do have a say in dictating what happens to us — rather than letting outer conditions determine your state of mind, you determine your state of mind by your thoughts, emotions, and actions. You create the mindset of being the deliberate creator of your life. By focusing on possibility rather than limitations, you find more opportunity.

If you are looking for an environment which will support you and encourage you towards your goals and objectives, and if you would like to benefit from individual coaching to clarify what it is you want and to create an action plan to make this a reality, give David Keane a call on (086 ) 3086043 or e-mail [email protected]



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