Looking again at the Nuremberg trials

The Nuremberg trials of the surviving Nazi criminals after World War II are possibly the most famous trials in history.

The Renmore History Society will be looking at the trials in a talk entitled Trying Evil; The Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal in the Renmore Barracks on Thursday January 22 at 8pm.

The talk will look at the run up to and progress of the trials, examine the debates and disputes that underlay it, how the defendants and charges were decided upon, and how the trial itself progressed.

The talk will conclude by considering the Nuremberg Principles, a set of values meant to underpin the conduct of international relations between civilised societies.

Places are free and open to all, but are limited and must be booked in advance. To book a seat e-mail [email protected] or text 085 - 7298831.



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