Elevate with Individual Excellence

A new course in individual excellence will begin at GMIT on Monday February 9.

The course, which will take place on Mondays from 7pm to 10 for eight weeks, has been described as a wonderful and uplifting experience which encourages participants to get the best out of themselves. According to originator and facilitator of the course, Seán Connaughton, the course focuses on building influencing skills, enabling people to excel in their relationships, work opportunities, and home life.

Individual Excellence develops building blocks to help participants plan to overcome every day life challenges. Course topics range from conflict resolution, communication skills, presentations skills, interpersonal skills, productivity, relationship management, and interview skills to prioritising what’s important.

Mr Connaughton explained that the course motivates participants into action from where they are currently at in their lives to where they want to be.

The interactive nature of the course makes it very enjoyable, entertaining and, funny. It’s an action packed course, full of colour and team spirit, with Monday evenings being highly rewarding and inspiring.

“It’s not to react but how you respond to each situation that makes the difference with this course,” one participant said. “I wanted to learn what I wanted to become, and the course elevated me, big time.”

Places are limited and early booking is advised. To book contact the adult education office at GMIT, phone (091 ) 742145 or e-mail lifelonglearning @gmit.ie


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