Orion Walsh - songs of a Nebraskan wanderer

Orion Walsh.

Orion Walsh.

NEBRASKA IS the state “where the west begins”, a region dominated by The Great Plains, and a place subject to thunderstorms and tornadoes.

It is also the state which is crossed by many historic trails, particularly the California Gold Rush, and this geography and history is reflected in the albums of Nebraskan singer-songwriter Orion Walsh - The Hitchhiker’s Son, Tornado Lullabies, and his latest release The Tale of a Broken Compass.

Musically his inspirations are Woodie Guthrie, Johnny Cash, and Bob Dylan. Walsh has also been touring for a decade and has performed shows across the US and Europe with several of his songs featuring on TV and film soundtracks.

Galway will get a chance to see the man perform when he plays Monroe’s BackStage Bar on Sunday July 27 at 10pm and hear his songs about Nebraska, life on the road, and being a free spirit.

Tickets are €5 and available through www.monroes.ie and www.giaf.com


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