Róisín Dubh comedy

Eleanor Tiernan

Eleanor Tiernan

CHRISTIANE O’MAHONEY and Eleanor Tiernan will both be taking to the stage of the Róisín Dubh for two separate comedy shows.

Christiane, along with Adam Cullen, will present a new Edinburgh show Badgers & Braveheart, which combines stand-up and musical comedy, upstairs in the Róisín tomorrow at 7.30pm

Christiane has supported Des Bishop and appeared on the Chris Evans Show, the Mario Rosenstock Show, and The Late Late Show. Adam has won two national stand-up competitions and has been featured on Arena and the Rowan Hand Show

On Wednesday July 23 at 6.45pm, also upstairs in the Dominick Street venue, Eleanor Tiernan will present her show Help The Frigid. This is a show for those who have never felt quite ready to rumble. Warning: it may contain reasonableness.

Admission to both shows is free. See www.roisindubh.net



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