Bone fragments discovered on hospital grounds not human

HSE West has confirmed that bone fragments discovered during construction works on the grounds of University Hospital Galway are not human.

The discovery was made by construction staff who were laying down pipes near to the hospital’s helicopter landing pad as part of project to provide a new radiation oncology unit.

The contractors unearthed several fragments of glass, fabric, and other materials, including a fragment of bone understood to have been around 10cm in length. A statement from the HSE West further explained that work on the site was halted until the nature of the materials could be established and a plan put in place to safely dispose of the items.

The bone fragment was confirmed as non-human. One of the glass fragments found had a date of 1952 printed on it and it is understood that the discovery may be linked to a waste facility from the middle of the 20th century. Construction work is not expected to resume until a full assessment of the site is completed.


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