Attractive, Bold and Beautiful

A detail from Rosemary Fallon's The Last Tear Catcher.

A detail from Rosemary Fallon's The Last Tear Catcher.

ATTRACTIVE, BOLD, and Beautiful, the third annual Galway Bay Galleries Fringe Festival exhibition, opens this weekend and features work by three female artists.

The exhibition, featuring the work of Rosemary Fallon, Nancy Klein, and Rose Guilfoyle, officially opens on Saturday at 7pm.

Rosemary Fallon is an artist, teacher, doll-maker, designer, animator, and lecturer. She has a distinctive pop-surrealistic style, with their dream like imagery and beautiful, doll-like women.

Nancy Klein, a tattoo artist, small business owner, and gallery curator will show paintings inspired by nature, Irish wildflowers, tattoo designs, and folk art. The focal point will be a series of 10cm x 10cm paintings that will become a permanent installation at Galway Bay Galleries.

Rose Guilfoyle is a tattoo artist, painter, photographer, and illustrator. Her oil and acrylic works are inspired by the macabre and unusual, and aim to provoke thought and disquiet.

Attractive, Bold and Beautiful opens from Monday through Saturday, from 11am to 7pm until July 28.

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