Deep - when acid house arrived in Ireland

A scene from Deep. Photo:- Mark Duggan

A scene from Deep. Photo:- Mark Duggan

IN 1988 the Acid House explosion erupted across Britain and soon spilled over into Ireland, and the Sweat night in Sir Henry’s in Cork was Ireland’s first centre for ravers and house music events.

The importance of the Sweat nights, what it was like to be there, its influence, as well as the nostalgia and how that first generation of House fanatics remembers it, is explored in a new play, Deep, written and performed by Ray Scannell.

Deep will run at the Radisson Live Lounge on Monday at 7.30pm and from Tuesday to Saturday July 19 at 9.30pm, as part of the Galway International Arts Festival.

Featuring interviews with Sir Henry’s main figures and footage of nights at the club, Deep is part fiction and part documentary of an era told through the personal journey of a hapless vinyl DJ Larry Lehane, who, looking back on the heady days of 1988, wonders how much of that time he remembers through smiley-faced, rose-tinted glasses?

Ray Scannell won the Best Male Performer Award at the 2013 Dublin Fringe Festival for Deep. The play has also enjoyed critical praise, with The Irish Times saying: “Deep isn’t just the title of Raymond Scannell’s fascinating new play, but an indication of how far it digs and how much it reflects.”

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