Seminar for employers on effective staff recruitment

With many employers beginning to hire again, Ballybane Enterprise Centre will host a seminar for employers and managers on effective hiring. The free evening seminar takes place on Thursday May 22 at 7.30pm.

The seminar will provide an introduction to the recruitment process and will outline how employers can save money through easy recruitment steps.

Participants will also learn why effective recruitment is important and how to get the most from a job advertisement. They will also learn about the pitfalls of inaccuracy and gain an understanding of what to look for and how to word it.

The evening seminar and workshop will be delivered by Neil Connolly, formerly of Carr Communications and an expert in recruitment interviewing.

According to Connolly, hiring is one of the riskiest irregular expenses that employers engage in.

“Hiring is expensive and time consuming. Employers spend money and time on advertising the position, on training in the new employee, and more importantly take a lot of time out for interviews. The opportunity cost for a small business engaging in these non- core business activities can be surprisingly high, even if recruitment is essential,” says Connolly.

Connolly believes employers can save money and time by taking some simple steps, getting training in the best methods and actively engaging in the recruitment process.

“Going about the recruitment process in a measured, structured manner could be the biggest saving an employer makes. It can reduce superfluous applications, help to find the right person, ensure they respond to training and can do the job,” he says.

“Most importantly, with a structured approach employers can find someone who will fill the role well, complement their business and guarantee they don’t have to go back to the well a few weeks later to look again.”

The seminar will commence at 7.30pm and finish at 9pm. Attendance is free, but registration is essential. Contact Michael or Noirin 091 386004.



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