Stay well with Dr Clare’s herbal blends

The weather is very changeable at this time of year, alternating between hot and cold, and dry and wet. This puts extra pressure on your immune system which can result in colds, coughs, or chest infections.

Thankfully natural help is at hand with Dr Dilis Clare’s blend of herbal products. Dr Clare is Ireland’s only qualified GP and medical herbalist and she has formulated a range of herbal blends in order to help your body stay healthy.

“It is important when using herbs for common chest conditions to take them within the first 24 hours,” Dr Clare said. “They are designed to keep you well, even though they can help at any time. Even if it means getting out of bed at 4am when you become aware of the usual symptoms of an oncoming viral infection, that’s when you take herbal action.”

Dr Clare always has vitamin C and a chest and sinus blend in her medicine cabinet if she feels a viral infection coming on. She takes the immune tonic for follow up.

The chest and sinus blend is a blend of antiseptic and immune supporting herbs. It is particularly helpful for colds that spread to the chest, or flare ups of sinus discomfort. This blend promotes sweating and soothes and nourishes the mucous membranes of the nose, throat, and airways to the lungs. It should be used immediately at the onset of symptoms and use regularly for three months for recurrent problems.

Dr Clare’s blends can be purchased online at or at the shop at Health and Herbs at 9 Sea Road, Galway, phone 091 583260.



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