Participants needed for NUI Galway research project into cancer-related fatigue

Adults who have completed cancer treatment at least six months ago are being asked to participate in a series of group discussions on cancer-related fatigue, organised by the School of Psychology at NUI Galway.

The group discussions will offer participants the opportunity to share their experiences with, and thoughts about, cancer-related fatigue, in a casual environment and with complete confidentiality.

Persistent fatigue is often a common consequence of cancer treatment. Participant views and personal experiences are extremely valuable and their input will greatly help the researcher in the development of an intervention for individuals who suffer with fatigue after their treatment has ended. They may also benefit from discussing their fatigue with others who also experience persistent fatigue.

The focus groups are part of a PhD research project being carried out at NUI Galway by student Teresa Corbett with Dr Jane Walsh, Dr Brian McGuire, and Dr AnnMarie Groarke of the university’s School of Psychology. The study is supported by Cancer Care West and Galway University Foundation.

The focus group session will include four to six other volunteer participants and will be led by Ms Corbett. Refreshments will be provided to participants and each session is scheduled to last approximately 90 minutes. The focus groups will be held in the School of Psychology in the Arts Millennium Building Extension at NUI Galway.

NUI Galway PhD student and facilitator of the focus groups, Teresa Corbett, said: “Persistent cancer-related fatigue is a common complaint. With an increasing focus on quality of life in survivorship, we believe that it is essential that people have the opportunity to discuss this often debilitating consequence of cancer. Participation is voluntary and anything you say during the focus group will be kept strictly confidential. The focus groups will give individuals the chance to inform our research by telling us of their own personal everyday experiences with fatigue.”

For further information or to participate in the focus groups contact Teresa Corbett at [email protected] or call 086 0705826.


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