Lack of traffic calming measures poses ‘serious threat to life’

There is a “serious threat to life” caused by the complete lack of adequate traffic calming and safety measures in the immediate vicinity of schools on Threadneedle Road, according to Galway City West and Knocknacarra councillor Donal Lyons.

The Independent councillor has recently received representations from the Salerno student council and residents living on Threadneedle Road and in The Gardens concerning the speed of traffic and general road safety in the area.

“The members of the Salerno Student Council are concerned that there are two large secondary schools located on Threadneedle Road with more than 1,400 students attending. They believe that students should be able to get to and leave their school safely.

“This issue is especially dangerous during peak times when cars and up to eight large school buses are parked on both sides of the road which completely obstructs the view of both the pedestrian trying to cross the busy road and the many motorists who traverse the road at these times,” said Cllr Lyons.

The Salerno Student Council, as well as local residents, believe that the existing warning signs for motorists are outdated and inadequate to deal with increased traffic volumes. Galway City Council is being asked to prioritise road safety for students and residents who use Threadneedle Road and to provide traffic calming measures similar to those introduced on Dr Mannix Road.

“I am aware that Galway City Council intends to introduce a bicycle lane on Threadneedle Road but these plans are yet to be finalised. I have asked Galway City Council to install traffic calming on the Threadneedle Road, erect more effective warning signs, and restrict parking adjacent to the schools when this cycle lane is planned,” said Cllr Lyons, who has also requested arrangements to be made for council officials to meet with a deputation from the Salerno Student Council and local residents to hear their concerns.


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