Start the lights in Salthill before there is an accident, pleads Cllr Murphy

Council commences work to improve Clybaun Road pedestrian crossing

Pedestrian traffic lights at two locations in Salthill, which have been out of action since the storm, need to be repaired before there is a serious accident, warned Fine Gael city councillor Michelle Murphy who has also taken steps to help improve the safety of a pedestrian crossing at Clybaun Road.

Work has recently begun to repair the damage caused to the Promenade by the storm weather earlier this year, however the lights are yet to be turned back on at the pedestrian crossings between Coco Cafe and the Salthill Hotel, posing potential dangers to the hundreds of people attempting to cross this busy road safely.

Speaking recently, Cllr Murphy said: “It has been about two months now since the last of the storms hit the coast, and during that time, people wanting to cross the road at Perk’s amusements or further near the old Waterfront Hotel have been literally taking their lives in their hands. There is no place at all for people to cross, which is a disgrace. I want these lights repaired before a serious accident occurs.”

During a recent visit to the city, MEP for Midlands-North West Jim Higgins, who sits on the European Parliament Transport and Tourism Committee, expressed his dismay that the lights had not been fixed, adding: “It is actually quite a busy road, and there should be provision for pedestrians in Salthill as we come into the tourist season. Indeed only this week we learnt that 40 per cent of road deaths in Dublin are in fact pedestrians. I don’t want the same figure to replicated in Galway.”

Since her co-option to the Galway City Council last December Cllr Murphy received various requests from concerned residents living in the Clybaun Road area regarding the safety of school children and pedestrians using the pedestrian crossing located close to the Clybaun Stores, as oblivious motorists fail to stop.

Cllr Murphy has confirmed that following a motion and meetings with senior officials in City Hall phase one of the project to improve safety at the pedestrian crossing was carried out recently, with the removal of one main piece of signage for approaching the roundabout which was blocking visibility of the pedestrian beacons approaching from the Shangort Road junction.

Further consultation has taken place and phase two will involve the implementation of an intelligent traffic solution . Cllr Murphy is discussing a number of options with officials including solar powered road studs and has also requested a speed monitor sign to be installed.

Cllr Murphy said: “The pedestrian crossing was erected to allow children and pedestrians to safely cross the busy Clybaun Road. However, pedestrians using the crossing are extremely concerned and worried that some motorists do not see the crossing on time and are even failing to stop. One parent spoke to me about a near miss situation concerning a school child where a motorist jammed their brakes heavily just stopping inches from the child, so this cannot happen again at any pedestrian crossing in our city.”



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