Help is at hand for those leaking roofs

The past three months of unusually prolonged high winds accompanied by heavy rain have exposed faults in roofing right across the country. Traditional roofs just cannot cope with weather extremes.

A new roofing product, FlexiStop, has been designed with just these atrocious conditions in mind. It is unaffected by wind, rain, frost, or heat, and will not deteriorate over time like all other products currently on the market.

As the weather improves, FlexiStop has been used to repair all kinds of roofs, in domestic, commercial, and industrial settings. It has been successfully applied to tiles, slates, felt, steel, asbestos, timber, and concrete surfaces, both sloped and flat, and there is no known surface where it cannot be used.

Using it is child’s play; simply brush it or roll it on straight from the can like you would a paint and it forms a single, seamless, membrane without joints or cracks that remains supple and pliant at temperatures between -60 and +200 Celsius. No need for torches, smoke, and barrels of gas.

Developed for the British Ministry of Defence 20 years ago then left forgotten on a boffin’s shelf, FlexiStop is a one-part environmentally friendly silicone based system that will not support any form of organic life such as moss or lichen. It is UV resistant, fire resistant, and 100 times more air-permeable than bitumen.

When properly applied, FlexiStop is guaranteed leak-free for a minimum of 35 years. Multishield Protection owns 32 county distribution rights at No 10 Kilkerrin Park, Liosban, on the Tuam Road. For more information call (091 ) 445544 or visit


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