ALISON boss gives eighth MBA masterclass

More than 70 MBA students, MBA alumni and business leaders were given a masterclass by Mike Feerick, CEO of ALISON and Ireland Reaching Out.

In this eighth NUI Galway MBA masterclass at the JE Cairnes School of Business and Economics, in association with the MBA Association of Ireland, Western Chapter, Mike Ferrick spoke on the role of disruptive innovation.

ALISON, the company which Mike Feerick founded, has become a world leader in offering free courses online and was the first massive open online course. This approach to education has seen him open up the education market through offering courses with no fees and operating a business model that generates operating income from advertising revenue.

Mike said that innovation centred on "offering new tools for old problems" and believes that "innovation is like a flood, it comes into your business every way except through the front door".

Mr Feerick found that MBA graduates had a unique ability to process and distil large amounts of data in a time where data was everywhere.


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