No Limbs No Limits

A DOCUMENTARY film about a remarkable young Irish woman, born without limbs, opens at the IMC Galway tomorrow.

No Limbs No Limits - The Joanne O’Riordan Story centres on Corkonian Joanne, one of only seven people in the world living with the medical condition Total Amelia, which resulted in her being born without limbs - yet she has never let this hold her back.

The film, narrated by Druid Theatre co-founder and actress Marie Mullen, was made over two years and follows Joanne from Cork to America to deliver a landmark speech to the United Nations on how technology has transformed her life.

Steven O’Riordan, the film’s director and producer said: “This is a story about how a girl got the world and her family to think differently when it comes to people with disabilities. It shows how the human spirit and sheer resilience and self determination can conquer all.”

The film has enjoyed acclaim at The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival. No Limbs No Limits screens at the IMC Galway for the next two weeks.


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