Diarmuid de Faoite agus An Gobán Saor

DIARMUID DE Faoite continues his Seacht Scéal/Seven Sagas series of interactive storytelling for all ages, with another lunchtime show at An Taibhdhearc.

This Saturday from 1pm to 2pm, Diarmuid, who received a Best Actor Nomination at the 2012 IFTAs, will relate the story, An Gobán Saor agus a Mhac. The story centres on Ireland’s finest craftsman, The Gobán Saor, his not-so-clever son and his oh-so-clever daughter-in-law, who must take on Balor of the Evil Eye and his marauding Fomorians who stole the Tuatha Dé Danann’s Great Pot of Plenty.

The story will be told as Gaeilge, with some English. Admission is €5 per person. For more information contact 091 - 562024 or email [email protected].


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