New city candidate wants fairer deal for SMEs

A fourth Independent candidate is to run in Galway City Central, with Cormac Ó Corcoráin set to campaign on greater levels of support and protection for small businesses in the city.

Mr Ó Corcoráin, a 35-year-old Galwegian and small business owner, is the 13th candidate to declare for the city’s most fiercely contested ward - Galway City Central. He is also the fourth Independent after Mike Cubbard, Jimmy Horan, and Mike Geraghty.

“It is a very difficult environment for small businesses,” Mr Ó Corcoráin told the Galway Advertiser. “It’s is all the more difficult with the level of rates businesses are expected to pay. There are also still problems with parking and people being able to get into the city centre comfortably to shop and do businesses. We need new ideas and fresh perspectives on how to deal with this.”

Mr Ó Corcoráin also believes that local government should be more responsible to the people, and less subject to diktats from political parties and interests.

“The main parties are not listening to the concerns of the ordinary people,” he said. “If the city council is to function properly it must listen to the people and not be influenced by councillors carrying out the wishes of party HQ.”



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