Idle apartments on east side could help housing crisis, says Rabbitte

Hundreds of houses and apartments in Doughiska and Ballybane should not be lying idle when there are families waiting years for accommodation on the housing waiting list.

This is the view of Fine Gael Galway City East candidate John Rabbitte who said the housing situation in the city is one of the most pressing issues for voters.

There are some 3,500 people on the housing waiting list, and according to Mr Rabbitte, more than 250 units lying idle in both Ballybane and Doughiska.

“There is a crying need for housing accommodation in the city, but nowhere is there such a need as in the east side,” he said. “This is a travesty when you see so many vacant units.”

Mr Rabbitte is calling on the city council to consider using the Ballybane neighbourhood village as a way of providing accommodation for people on the housing waiting list.

The neighbourhood village apartments, he says, are finished “to a very high standard”. They were originally built as Section 23 development, with added facilities, in 2007. However the apartments lie idle and Mr Rabbitte says some are being vandalised.

“There must be a scheme which would put these into use, such as through a public private partnership,” he said. “We need a workable solution besides leaving this fine facility idle.”



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