Schofield Hartnett specialising in independent analysis of financial offerings

Celebrating one year in business, Schofield Hartnett is a financial service in Galway which offers independent advice and analysis of the market.

Schofield Hartnett Financial Advisors and Brokers is based at Ross House on Merchants Road and boasts more than 40 years of financial experience between its owners.

Being cognisant of the perception that confidence in financial services was eroded over the past few years, Schofield Hartnett say that their ethos is to provide clients with relevant advice that adds value to them, in a completely open and honest manner.

They say that because they are not aligned to any one bank or life and pensions company, and have agencies with the majority of financial institutions in Ireland, they are in a position to offer their clients a completely objective and fair analysis of the market.

Orla Schofield has worked in the financial services sector for 22 years, her role for the last number of years being a senior financial planning consultant. 

Her qualifications include Financial Services Dip, Pensions Dip, Wealth Management Dip, QFA and Fellow of the LIA. She also holds a professional certificate in General Insurance.

Christina Hartnett has been providing her customers with financial planning advice since 1994. She is a qualified financial advisor, QFA, and Fellow of the Life Insurance Association. She also holds a Wealth Management Dip and a Professional Certificate in General Insurance.Ms Schfield and Ms Hartnett are highly qualified at what they do and continue to improve their knowledge and skills in order to provide clients with the best possible advice and/or problem solving solutions.  

Orla is studying for the CFP, which is the highly regarded Certified Financial Planner, leading to a master’s in financial planning.

There are two facets to Schofield Hartnett — a financial advisory service and financial brokerage.

The financial services encompasses:

— Collating and analysing your financial information, other relevant information and personal goals.

— Protecting against catastrophe via insurance

— Maintaining the purchasing power of your capital

— Providing for income in your retirement while achieving your acceptable level of security consistent with the optimum level of return

— Optimally structure liabilities

— Minimise tax

— Develop continuity of asset ownership through estate planning

— Plan the timing of your cash inflows and outflows

— Provide family security

— Improve your standard of living

— Continually adjust the trade off between short, medium and long term personal financial goal

— Regular reviews to meet your evolving needs

Schofield Hartnett Financial Services Partnership are members of PIBA, the professional brokers association, the LIA, Life Insurance Association, and the IOB, Institute of Bankers Ireland. 

Schofield & Hartnett Financial Services, 

Suite 12, 3rd Floor, Ross House, Merchants Rd, Galway Chris Hartnett 087 8576561 [email protected]

Orla Schofield 086 2409912 [email protected]


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