MEP Harkin to launch Galway campaign for European Parliament re-election

Independent MEP Marian Harkin will be launching her Galway campaign for re-election to the European Parliament in the Clayton Hotel on Monday, April 7.

The launch is being organised by Independent TD Noel Grealish who has worked closely with Marian Harkin on issues of concern to his constituents. The Independent MEP, despite topping the poll in the last two European Parliament elections, faces a daunting task to take a seat in the new 15 county constituency, which stetches from Galway to the Dublin border and from Donegal to the Tipperary border.

“Bearing in mind that the political parties have branch structures throughout the 15 counties and huge financial resources, an Independent candidate faces an extraordinarily difficult task to win one of the four seats to be contested,” said MEP Harkin who in the past has received good support in County Galway and hopes to retain it in the election on May 23. This support reflected her work for the people of the county dealing with issues ranging from disability and community, to small business and farming.

“The fact that I have been doing the work in Europe can be judged to some extent by the fact that I have twice been voted MEP of the Year for my work on employment and social affairs, and for supporting and encouraging volunteers and carers. I would welcome any support I can get and at my campaign launch on Monday next, I will be detailing my work and making my case to once again represent the people of Galway in what is an increasingly important legislative assembly influencing the lives of all of the people,” Independent MEP Marian Harkin concluded.

The importance of the role of members of the European Parliament has been even further emphasised by the institution’s new power in relation to the EU budget together with its right to reject the appointment of European commissioners.



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