Promenade repair works to include ducting for public lighting

Major works are now underway to repair the Promenade following the New Year storms not only to return the popular amenity to its former glory, but also to construct a new walkway from Blackrock to the Driving Range, and installing ducting for public lighting.

Welcoming the works, Galway City West and Knocknacarra councillor Donal Lyons confirmed this week that the works will include the re-instatement of rock armour, repairs to the Promenade surface, clearing of debris from beaches and the re-instatement of the walkway from Blackrock to the Driving Range.

“This walkway was severely damaged with some parts of it being washed away completely following the storms. The walkway is an extension of the Promenade walk and it is very important that this amenity, which had been widely used, should be re-opened as soon as possible. In last year’s City Council Budget, I was instrumental in securing funding for public lighting along this walkway and since the storms hit, I have been making representations to have the ducting required for the public lighting to be installed. I am delighted that following my representations arrangements have now been put in place so that as the walkway is being repaired ducting for the public lighting is also being installed.

“The installation of public lighting on the walkway will add significantly to the amenity aspect particularly in the winter months. I regularly walk this route to the Promenade from my home and over the years I have had many representations to have public lighting installed. I welcome the fact that with funding in place that this could be completed prior to next winter. I want to thank the officials in Galway City Council for their assistance and co-operation in supporting my representations as it makes sense to have the ducting installed prior to any new surface being laid on the re-constructed walkway,” said Cllr Lyons.



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