Pearce Flannery slams hypocrisy of Shannon Port Company

Local election candidate for Galway West, Pearce Flannery, has slammed the hypocrisy of the Shannon Foynes Port Company for its objection to the proposed development of the Galway docklands.

Speaking to a full house at the Western Business Forum in Galway yesterday evening, Pearce Flannery said that a body such as the SFPC should be above such jealous rivalry, and branded its actions as extremely anti-competitive.

“Lodging an objection such as this with An Bord Planála is a cynical attempt to stifle competition and if successful will hold back the development of the western region considerably.”

Flannery went on to say that the SFPC has had ample opportunities to develop its own facilities and has repeatedly spurned its chances time and again. Now that the Galway docklands is set to seize its chance at development, he believes the SFPC is looking to disrupt Galway’s bid to ensure that it does not surpass the Shannon port.

“It is preposterous that one port authority would lodge an objection against another,” he continued. “This is simply political opportunism and mischief making by a body that has ultimately failed its region and is running scared of the competition.”

Flannery vowed to do all in his power to facilitate the Galway development and ensure that “this ridiculous charade” perpetrated by “politically motivated individuals” in the Shannon Foynes Port Company does not gain legs. He added, “This power grab must be stopped in its tracks.”


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